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Esses Consulting is an independent insurance and risk management consulting practice. We specialize in commercial liability, workers compensation, and property insurance and employee benefits issues, with an emphasis on risk financing. Our consultants provide value to clients in a number of ways. For one, we serve organizations that elect not to maintain their own full-time risk managers. Such clients benefit from our years of experience and education without the burden of additional staff. We work closely with management to guide them through all aspects of the administration of a sound program, including annual program evaluations and renewals, claims, loss funding, and recordkeeping.

Second, we provide an outside perspective to organizations that have full-time risk management staffs. Risk managers tap into our experience and industry knowledge to exercise sound decision-making on issues pertinent to their own programs. For example, we frequently are involved with negotiating insurance-related provisions in contracts between our clients and their customers or their vendors.

Finally, we often are retained for special assignments. Risk managers either do not have the appropriate expertise on staff to handle it themselves; do not have time; or both. Assignments have included analysis of risk and risk retention levels, periodic risk management program audits, insurance bidding or broker selection processes, expert witness services, audits of claims handling practices, and evaluations of loss reserve adequacy. We have served clients in banking, construction, education, healthcare, manufacturing, security, and transportation, as well as public entities and utilities.

Whatever the need, our clients express a great deal of satisfaction with Esses Consulting, delivering what is promised and expected. Our founder Steve Bird takes pride in sweating the details, treating each client’s work or project as if it were his own, and providing the highest quality of services available.

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